Where is the .FGD file located?

Hi, i have been working on a garrysmod map for a while now, and i am wanting to add in some episode 1 and 2 entities, only i can not find the .fdg files for those props that i want to use. Where can i locate these .fgd files for my garrysmod configuration file. I have looked at there seperate config files and it cuts off near the end so i have no clue what i have to enter for the .fgd location.

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Thanks, if you need this cleared up please say so.


they’re located in “C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps

The .fgd contains only entity date - not props themselves.


Unless you want brand new prop entities, in which case, they’re aren’t any new ones in episode two that you can use in GMod.

Hes probably not going to come back for a while… He wants us to add him on steam. :geno:

Wrong, i was working on my map and forgot about my post.

Does most of the models used come from counter strike source?

CS:S, and Hl2:Ep2 is where most come from.

Ah, ok. I found out theres a line in the orange box half life 2 .fgd that tells base.fgd where to find the models, but i tried and got no success. Has anyone else gotten it to work?

.FGD Is entity data, not model data. You need to get GCFScape, and extract the models and materials into your game.

Ok, i will go back into GCF Scape and check out the episode 2 gcfs. Hopefully i can find the file i need.

You could also load up the map in each config and add the stuff you need. The respective exclusive stuff would not show up in each Hammer, but I think it should compile and play alright. Not sure though. Could be horribly mistaken. Don’t know. Prefer if Gmod maps used only shared Source content so they’d work for everyone.