Where is the flechette launcher located?


Minges are duplicating this weapon and using it to annoy other players, I have deleted the manhack gun, but I don’t know where the flechette launcher is.

If you could help me… Thanks in advance.

Edit : Also tell me where is the bouncy ball located.

The Flechette launcher is located in the “Weapons” tab in the “Q” menu, but it will only work if you have Half-Life 2: Episode 2.

Bouncy balls are located in the “entitys” tab in the “Q” menu.

Maybe in lua/weapons?
And BB in lua/entities?

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I’v looked here and I can’t find them. :confused:

-snip- Bouncy ball and flechette launcher aren’t hardcoded in, check post #12

Ball is hardcoded, as is the Flechette Gun.

Get an admin mod, and make those weapons admin only

Actually, the bouncy ball is in an addon called “default_sent_pack”.

They ARE admin only…

For the flechette gun at least.

I guess you don’t know the glitch with the advanced duplicator.

  1. Go in single player, spawn the weapon with the right click, then adv duplicate it.

  2. Go on any server, duplicate it, take it, use it, put shit on the server…

Edit :

Problem solved with this useless/laggy ball, it was in default_sent_pack, as Divran said, thanks man. But I still need your help with the flechette gun.

weird, I’ve never seen anything called default_sent_pack

I don’t know how you could stop the Flechette Gun from being duped. Unless you have a way to stop Adv. Dupes with the code for it.

But I thing that would be overly difficult to do/too easy to get around…

Could you uninstall EP2 content from the server? Cause the gun only shows up if you have EP2.

I can, but I want my Jalopy and… MY PUMPKIIIIIIIIIINS!!! :slight_smile:

Seriously, I want to keep the content installed, but I really need to turn off this shit, it’s useless, totally useless.

Did some digging, and now please ignore my comment above.
The bouncy ball is located in addons/default_sent_pack/lua/
The flechette gun is in addons/hl2_ep2/lua/weapons
You can’t delete them, seeing as if you do they would just replace themselves from the GCF after you start the game.

They replace themselves. So that’s why when you see somebody with the flechette launcher and they’re not admin, slam 'em with the BANHAMMA!

I don’t know why you say they will replace themselves, because it’s wrong. I deleted the bouncy ball with success and restarted the server so many times, they will replace themselves only if I update gmod.

However, thanks so much for the flechette gun.