Where is the garrys mod.exe?

Hello everyone,

I am making animations with 3ds max and if you are interested you
can see them on youtube. Name there is also XPxanderXP

But that is not why I am here for. I started to use 3d ripper dx to get maps
from games and I need to run it in that program only I can’t find the .exe of

I noticed counterstrike hasn’t one either so I think it is normal to not have one?
Anyways is there a way to get the .exe or make it? Because steam can run it somehow
so why can’t I with the .exe? I already tryed making a desktop shortcut but that failed.

Also the illigal versions of gmod have a .exe so it should be possible.

Thank you for your help,


It’s steamapps<user>\garrysmod\garrysmod\hl2.exe

Most source games uses HL2’s .exe file. The one GMod uses is located in the directory mentioned above.

As far as I know, most valve source games share a generic “hl2.exe” (the location of which is listed above), it’s the game files which actually define what the game is.

The Illegal Version still runs from the HL2.exe but it just puts the Parameters on the Garrysmod.exe

If I lauch the hl2.exe I get this error “Setup file ‘gameinfo.txt’ doesn’t exist in subdirectory ‘hl2’. Check your -game parameter or VCONFIG setting” Even if I lauch it without 3d ripper dx
And I don’t have a hl2.exe in steamapps<user>\garrysmod\garrysmod\ Only one in steamapps<user>\garrysmod\

You can only launch hl2.exe via Steam.

Maybe try adding -steam -game garrysmod to the parameters.

Not if your a pirate, They always find a way.


I have the same problem. While trying to set up the SDK for Garry’s Mod, I can’t seem to find the hl2.exe for the Build Programs/Game executable.

(I apologize for resurrecting this thread from the dead, but it seemed pointless to make a new one for the same question.)

You can only play “The Orange box and earlier including game mods” by launching them on Steam (except for Fakefactory Cinematic Mod because it comes with launchers, Launcher_HL2, Launcher_EP1 and Launcher_EP2), Left 4 Dead and later games by Valve (includes games not by Valve such as Sam & Max) have them in steamapps/common and allow gameplay by clicking the .exe (but you can’t play online, only when launching using Steam)

There’s something wrong with my Garry’s Mod, Whenever I tried to open it, it closes right away. Can anyone tell me the solution of this problem?

is it the legit version of Garry’s Mod sp1904768?

No it’s the one where you can find it on Steam, which I have it for real.

make sure garrysmod is probaly installed, you have a source game installed, your computer can handle it, the shortcut is correct or just find out on google

It’s already installed and it can handle it before, but today I saw a white screen and that’s it.
Never Mind, I got it to work now.

In hl2.exe’s properties, type -game garrysmod, source shares hl2.exe with all it’s games, except l4d 1 and 2, and portal 2