Where is the main part of the menu you when you hit q?

Here is what I see:


Where is the main part of the menu? I don’t remember closing it, if it even closes. Anyone have any ideas?

What the fuck are you talking about?

yea what…

We have a troll :clint::cop:

Only one thing to do:


I hit G for my menu. :slight_smile:

You cant close it, reinstall gmod

I hope it’s a legal version of Gmod.

I have the exact same problem. Right after the latest update this occured. I’ll post the link to my video of this later. Looking for a solution.

Anyone else have this problem? Garry please help.

Sorry for triple posting but heres the video i recorded on this matter. I have the exact same problem with this as MasterChi.
First part i am online, then i go into singleplayer. Singleplayer works great but multiplayer servers never work.