Where is the Medkit file in DarkRPmodification?

Hi guys, I want to change how much the DarkRP medkit heals players from 1 to 10 instead.

I’ve looked around in the darkrpmodification file and can’t find any file which has the medkit so I can change how much it heals

Do you guys know where it is? Any help is appreciated.

You can’t.

Seriously? Because I have jobs that have 200 MaxHealth, but the high pitched sound that the medkit makes it extremely annoying so I didn’t want that to last for all the way to 200 health, so I thought making it 10 health would just make it last a few seconds and be much better.

if I remember right, DRP uses the default medkit.

Hey buddy, it’s not in DarkRP modification, but this is found inside DarkRP’s gamemode :slight_smile:


Don’t edit corefiles.
Drop n Drag the med_kit in the darkrpmodification folder /weapons.

If you know what you’re doing, feel free to edit core files. The only reason you’re told not to edit these is in order to protect yourself from future DarkRP updates.

People are going to edit the core files anyway.

Falco thinks he’s might be able to save himself hassle by saying “DON’T EDIT THE CORE FILES!” but it won’t stop people trying to add him on Steam and asking him for coding help with DarkRP edits anyway.

It might sound cruel, but I prefer the approach of “you break it, you bought it”. Basically, if you’re editing it, don’t expect any assistance. Some help might be provided - but don’t expect any. Especially since the gamemode’s free and there’s enough documentation floating around.

It’s unfortunate that not everyone is able to understand how to fix certain things and that the creator doesn’t have the time to help absolutely everyone - but that’s life. Remember not to be a victim and use your own intellect to overcome challenges.

Here is a modified medkit for your use


It’s exactly the same but heals based around the percentage of health the target has.

Create a shared.lua in a darkrpmod/weapons/cool_medkit/
Hope you enjoy.