Where is the most recent Phoenix Storm Model pack ? - haven't played in ages

Last I used GMOD Phoenix Storm’s Model pack was one of the most popular downloads, but now I can’t seem to find a recent version. I don’t see it in the addons section or on the Steam Workshop.

I found this SVN link:


Is there something more recent than PHX 3 or an accepted alternative for PHX 3? The svn shows 2010 as the latest.

Thanks for any help.

It’s incorporated into Garry’s Mod now, you should have it by default in your Gmod if you bought the game.

Thanks. I bought it on Steam a long time ago. When I hit q to bring up the list of content the only place I can find mention of Phoenix is some chairs under Entities.

Where should I be looking? It doesn’t seem to be under construction props or anywhere that I can find.

Thanks again

I just realized these things don’t show up in the beta. Guess this thread is done.

It’s on props… It’s called ‘general construction’ for the main part, but it’s all over the place.