Where is the promised precision physics?

You know that when you weld a heavy object to a light one the weld gets really weak? Or when there are alot of objects welded to the same prop and they all spazz around?

Well Garry promised to fix that by adding a variable that basically lets you choose between performance (fps) and precision. But so far the only way I see to make things not spazzy is carefully weighting them.

There is also some command like phys_iterations or something, could that be the one? What does it do anyway? What command do I need to get less spazzy physics?

I think it’s an engine limitation, there’s an addon that uses “parenting” well enough for it to be this weld you want, it has some flaws but I’m assuming it works as good as you need it to: http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=745523