Where is the report button.

Was it like removed or something for being abused?

It’s still there, you just have to enter it manually in the URL.





didnt work


Still NOT. working

What are you wanting to report anyway? Unless it’s stolen or warez, just ignore it.

report it.

Agreed, what makes him so special and allowed to upload non-gmod stuff. This is the equivalent to selling goats in a shopping mall.

Look, I’ll just go ahead and report it.
Happy now? It’ll probably be gone within an hour.

Edit: Was gone in under 2 minutes.

Well, I wish I could do it myself, but when I add the link to the end of the URL, a blank page comes up.

I simply emailed Garry.

Garry is mean
I Emailed him once and told him a bug
and he told me oh well

and what was it?

Some Dr.Who crap

(It was episodes of Dr. Who…)

Who would want that?
I dont want that bullshit on an website that is 98% bullshit

That is a pack of all the TF2 ragdolls.

Who would want that?
I dont want that bullshit