Where is the rust server based?

title says it all :slight_smile:


UK?DE? Dunno … hope not NA.


Wow, wonderful answer! Guess OP can close the thread now!

Yes my answer is useless like you.

Edit : Washington really? thanks you, now i know i should not buy upgrade and play this game. Bye Bye!

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Washington state I assume? If so fuck yes, probably have great ping.

no, DC

Oh shit, Garry posted, here comes all the “i can haz keys plz?” posts :stuck_out_tongue:

I would have thought it was England or Europe somewhere. Go figure.

Why there? It doesn’t seem to be laggy but still.

I have never tried the game since I don’t have a key,
so I will ask you and hope to get an answer.

Will it be lots of lag for players playing in Europe?

Are you thinking about having a server located in the EU for the EU players,
I mean when the game is being released.

Perhaps its to early to say. Anyhow, good luck with everything. This game seems to be awesome!


Most Rust players seem to be in the US or the UK so putting it in Washington makes sense, it’s really as far east as you can get in the US.

Heh, I figured it’d be in Walsall :v:



Well, for example I live in Spain and I haven’t got much of an issue with latency, though it could be better I’d say it’s certainly not worse than playing any warz private server, or a RU/US WT server, so it’s completely bearable. Plus taking into account all the optimizations to the code which will take place as the game gets developed, plainly rejecting a game because of its server’s location seems overreacting, to say the least.

Damn :v: still nice that it’s in the U.S.