Where is the Support?

no one here can help me with my problem and i dont know how to contact a support. Can someone maybe help me with this?..

It would be helpful if you actually put the problem in the OP :confused:

Your problem is?

Thats my other Thread http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1313931&p=42460420#post42460420
i can play for some seconds and then i have dsync for minutes i have made 2 videos
Intel Core i5 2660, 4GB DDR 3 1333, Geforce GTX460 and a 3,2 Mbit/s internet
i have updated anything, drivers, browser software. i have this problem on any server with any browser…

I agree, where is the support. I’ve posted a ticket 2 hours ago and no reply. I understand there is a lot of problems to be handled at once but support should have some sort of response other than we’ve received your email.

You realize expecting a response in less than two hours is a lot to ask for, right?
Personally, I’m happy when I get responded to in under 24 hours.

I guess… maybe I’m impatient. Not arguing there. It’s my impatience that created the problem I have.

Although, don’t put “we’ll respond shortly” when the response time is longer than an hour… That’s not shortly.

Give it more than just 2 hours holy shit. You should wait at least 2 days.

Yea. We’ll I’ve never had to wait longer than a day for a response from support and the simplicity of the problem should be able to be handled quickly. My bad for expecting some customer service. Since the problem is I bought a key that I haven’t received yet. It quite annoying. But your right, I’m just going to shut up which is something I should’ve done from the beginning. Thanks for your input.


Your really going to get what you want now. Good job fucktard.

PS. If I ever sound like this guy just ban me please THANK YOU.

Did you try every server? And how did you test your speed?

y sure i tried it on every server wtf…
but i dont care incredible shit happens! i got bluescreen as i connected and now it work :smiley: