Where is the update Gaz? + Personal questions/opinions.

I am one of the frequent week to week players of your ‘early access’ game that has read every Devblog, skimmed over each comment section and without posting or commenting, but now the time has come. Believe me, there has been times where I’ve been very wtf’d and wanted to join the haters and put in my 2cents about the progression, but decided best to sit back and see how things go.

Getting straight to it;

  1. When is your latest update #36 actually going to be applied to the game (community servers & all)? I know your Devblogs #33, 34 and 35 updates were only all APPLIED on the day the 35th devblog was released. Not sure if iv missed reading something in the couple of weeks but is there still going to be updates applied weekly, or do we only get to see what you have been working on for each week until you are ready to release the update in a big cluster fuck of changes like the last one… Not saying i didn’t love all the changes xP because the building changes are great, parts obviously need work, but it is good to see you guys are getting closer.

  2. Recent changes that have ALMOST made it unplayable (or at least make you want to RQ in the first 10minutes)

> Animals speeds? The wolf is actually faster than the player and the bear is the same speed as the player!? Not sure if accident or not… needs to be fixed, or maybe they at least slow down a bit once you’ve bashed them once with your rock/torch, so you can run. Some might say “Just stay away from bears/wolves if they’re such a problem?” but no, 9 times out of 10 you spawn pretty close to either of them or you just happen to accidentally pull one while running around as a n00b. Dying on each spawn is frustrating.

> The Deers and Boars activate Nitro and run when they see you closer than 20 meters… quite funny the first few times, until you realise you actually need to kill them for their animal fat/cloth to make essentials to survive, such as the bow (leading to defense/offence against bears/wolves), and a furnace to smelt your metal ore into armor and high tier weapons. Mainly so you can survive the endless attacks by fresh spawns with the new killer torch that does the same damage as the rock, a 1hit kill to the head. Why you do dis :frowning:

  1. Melee damages are COMPLETELY broken. Almost seems like each hit does damage between 10 and 100.

> Rocks: Head; One shot | Body; 4 - 5 assuming you don’t make them critically bleed on the first hit… which needs to be fixed asap. Fully geared and critical bleeding from 1 hit of a fresh spawn? Enough to make you want to headbutt a wall… with your face.
> Torches: Same damage as Rocks as far as i know.
> Spears: Completely random… around 3 hits to kill someone from 100hp. Not sure what to say other than they’re going to need tweaking around a lot.
> Metal axe/pickaxe: they do some serious damage, which makes sense.

I know there’s been changes in the last devblog

  • Adjusted melee ranges
  • Fixed melee not always registering
  • Melee traces now properly use spherecasts
  • Spear attack nerfed
  • Stone spear cost increased

Have no idea how effective these changes are yet since nothings been applied, but I’m sure they’re a start :slight_smile:

I could list a lot of things I personally dislike at the moment but I want to see how this first post goes down. Would love to hear from people to discuss and see if you agree/disagree with whats been said.

Thanks Garry & Co. :slight_smile:

these changes are likely already in on the dev branch. go into properties>betas and opt into “development” if you want all the bleeding updates fresh off the kill. otherwise opt out and get the stable versions released a bit later on:)

Next update is monday

Do you mean devblog #36’s update will be applied to main servers on Monday?

[–]garryjnewmanGarry! 9 points 14 hours ago
We don’t want to shake the tree too much on the weekend when people are just sitting down to play - because it’ll require all servers to update. So it’ll probably be Monday.

Ok awesome! Thanks for the info :slight_smile:

Tuesday 7pm - Update still hasn’t been applied to community servers?

Nop update yet :frowning: shame :slight_smile:

I came onto this thread myself to see If there was a update.

The lack of animals is frustrating… I was lucky enough to put down a sleeping bag and a couple of furnaces on a couple of servers before they had all reincarnated as chickens, so at least I can play, but for anyone who didn’t get in early after the last update it’s pretty much a game-breaker… no cloth, no sleeping bag, no furnace, no lantern, no bow, no point?

Nah not yet, I think it has in the Dev Servers because i got to place a Large wooden box that can hold 24 items