Where is this error?!

Now I know i’m going to regret posting this because I will feel so stupid but for the life of me I can’t find this error!

[ERROR] gamemodes/sandbox/gamemode/init.lua:193: ')' expected (to close '(' at l
ine 192) near 'ent'
  1. unknown - gamemodes/sandbox/gamemode/init.lua:0

Here is my code that i’m working on:

hook.Add( 'ShowTeam', 'SpawnOurEnt', function( ply )
		local ent = ents.Create( 'npc' )
			ent:SetPos( Vector()
	end )

ent:SetPos( Vector() is missing a ) - And maybe a few numbers for the vector.

Yeah I left the numbers out while changing it. And it worked! Thank you!