Where is this gm_pimpmyride.dll from?

Where is this from? and where can I get it?



Looks like a custom PERP menu.

I believe gm_pimpmyride.dll just allows someone to modify a vehicle’s script without having to respawn it.

It’s used in PERP to make it harder to drive when it snows by setting the script of the tires to something different.

I belive you can find this script on Dramaunlimited in the Perp* (Ag_New) download.

Where in the directory, I don’t see a gm_pimpmyride.dll file, unless its called something else and is not a .dll, can you tell me the name/directory?

If you’re looking for the module just google it. It’s on an SVN hosted by google.

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But the photos are from a lua script made for *Gaming