Where is this going?

I know that the game “Rust” is only available for people who have the Beta Keys. But does any one know where this is going? Will people that only have Beta Keys get to play? Or will they, later on, make this game online for everybody or something similar to that? Excuse me if I’m doing something against the forum rules. I truly apologize if I did do anything against it, but I really am curious as this game looks fantastic and I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s desperate to try it.

You should always read the disclaimers at the beginning of a forum.

Read the stickies, there will be a “fun” to aquire them later on :).

So it’s only getting beta keys in order to play this game? No matter what?

http://google.ca Here you go :slight_smile:

And what am I supposed to search for in Google?

That or share an account with someone which i strongly discourage… Btw their called Alpha keys :wink:

Anyhow, will the full version of the game, later, be free?

it will cost mone

I don’t think i’m in a position to comment… But i heard Garry wanted to sell Rust on Steam eventually so probably not free…

OH MY GOD! Then I can’t wait :slight_smile: