Where is this gun?

I saw and used a gun that would cause a created structure like a mech or building to fall apart… Now I can’t find this gun and was hoping someone could help me find it again… I have some objects I want to see fall apart so any help finding the mod in question would be great.

tool gun? just press reload with weld out. Unless you’re talking about a single object, then that’s impossible.

Could have been the Freeze/Unfreeze grenades/guns?

But this was a gun that had tool gun like qualities. the maker of this mod used a pistol model and since I saw it on a server I couldn’t get it from them and also I couldn’t ask anyone on the server because they lefts before I could ask.

and the type of objects I’m talking about are like those spawned by advanced duplicator or stuff you build. when you use the item it causes the object to fall into its individual parts…

it was probably a swep the server admin made, people like to make things that people might find fun, then dont let them have it, they have to go to the server to use it

I remember there was an Entity, Minge Block, or something like that.

If you throw it at a contraption, in would unweld everything, and then color every part some random color.

It was pretty fun

How about the opposite, with the weld ball?

This was fun. I wonder if it still works. Also, it was Minge Blok.

This is funny, last night i made a house and smart welded it all, ticked the auto-unfreeze and it exploded :stuck_out_tongue:

That reminds me of a YouTube video.

This guy made a giant PHX 1X1 tower, and placed a nuke in the center.

The tower seemed to disintegrate up with the nukes blast.

Then a flying PHX plate nailed him in the head, and he died…

I KNOW!!! ots a tool in connas tool pack called constraint breaker, where if u have soemthign built, you can break all constraints makign it fall apart!

I was more thinking Adv_dupe, cause he said spawn buildings that fall apart.

That sounds right, a tool that just ends all constraints, and if there’s something like that in that pack, then that’s it.

Actually the ming3 blok un-welds everything. Don’t weld things.

oh, my bad.

I’m surprised I didn’t notice that typo.