Where it is?

Hi everyone, i have a qustion!
Where can i find the entire Changelog About Rust?
For the official release and in the same time, the Beta Release
i’m very interested but, i can’t find them!
I hope, they are not private.

PS: Sorry if my englsih expression is bad, i’m french.


Basically it’s the main page of http://playrust.com/

This seems to serve as the dev log and change log.

Thanks to you, but i know that :confused:
I would like find an advanced changelog, here, we can find only official release, i can see some Beta update, but i’m frustrated to know nothing, about the update.
i like compare the difference between the two version of rust, and the progression.
Facepunch, you must create a blog, or another for us :heart:!

Yeah, they don’t currently have a full comparative changelog that I’ve found.

Here: http://playrustwiki.com/wiki/Changelog

The wiki has been doing a comprehensive changelog it appears. Cannot assure it’s completely accurate, but at a glance it appears thorough.

What he said… go here.