Where should I start?

I’ve had this game for a long time, I just never make vehicles or anything. I just play stuff like Deathrun, Zombies, and others.
Basically, I can only make fireworks and a simple car (use the phx3 pack and use the big grey square, add wheels to each corner, and add 2 thrusters each side for turning).
So thats basically all I can really make.
Awhile ago I made a real plane though only made out of wood, it was my best work and it was pretty good, but I havn’t played this in awhile so I really lost my touch :P.

Does anyone have any Garry’s Mod beginner tips? Or YouTube videos for building things?
Or maybe some tools I should mess around with before starting?
I have no idea where to start…

Why not trying too make a simple train or even a tank just remember simple until you get your mojo back

Make a catapult they are really fun. I like to make one and launch cars at peoples builds and claim dictatorship of their souls. Then I get banned, wash, rinse, repeat.

Spawn a door, use the duplicator tool and make a domino pattern. They’re easy to make and extremely satifying to knock over.

Thanks, i’ll try these shortly.
I know how to make a catapult, just not a good one, though.

I can make a video showing you how I do it. I get a good bit of distance, about a little over half of gm_construct.

That would be great, if have the time to make and upload :wink: