"Where the fuck is that siren coming from?!"

dehfucked in silent hill now


I see a lying figure. :slight_smile:

Pretty good.

thanks mate :slight_smile:

oh god, nightmares.

Good job AB :smiley:

:3 thanks

Give us’ a kiss while you’re still warm sweetheart


The walls. Oh god the walls.

“welcome to hell”

omg it didn’t make sense until i played the video
fucking goosebumps bro…

thanks man :slight_smile:

I can see something there, in the light, oh god WTF is that!?

they would probably do work because there is four of them and they are holding guns

Triangle head will fuck em’ up man.

oh yeah nvm…sucks for them



nice job!

i hate that siren!

in our city we got an big factory… sometimes the factory gives away a BIG siren like this one.
the factory siren is for war or something i don’t remember, they test it sometimes

What map is that?