Where the hell did the gmod wiki lua page go?

Did I miss something? It was there the other day but now it’s gone and everything I find about it on google just redirects me to the main page.

There are several mirrors up, I have one: www.Evolution-Gaming.net/wiki, Banana lord has one ( Which is the one you are automatically redirected to if you visit the original wiki )

Edit: Oh sorry, if you meant what happened to it, I don’t think anyone knows for sure, we’re assuming that Garry is updating it or something though.

You can also use Google caches of the pages to access them.

Yeah I ment what happened. I wish he would have waited until he finished updating to erase things.

I can’t even use the search on the new page (or your mirror) every time I try it just redirects to the front page.

The old google maches are decent but annoying having to view everything like that,

Yeah, if you’re not that comfortable with the GLua Library and don’t know what functions you’re looking for it gets a bit tedious with either page, unfortunately.

you can still access a lot if you follow navigation

Yeah I found “some”… but it seems like a lot of the stuff I’m looking for is gone except for google caches. =/

what is it you’re looking for

I love you.