"Where the hell is our medic?!" Rebel dragging her friend to safety.


C&C is encouraged and appreciated.

Also, these new citizens are amazing.

She looks happy to see him shot

Blame valves facial flexes.

Where is our medic my friend is bleeding to death :smiley:

Uhh…i’m dieing :stuck_out_tongue:

looks like she shot him.

Nope, that’s just a bad use of the face poser.

“Oh ahm gonna 'ave me some tasty man tonight!”

Then show me the well executed facepose that he was attempting to go for.

It does look like she’s smiling, not just the result of limited faceposing.

You can facepose her so it wont look like she is smiling.
Does she look like she is smilling?

To be honest, I kind of didn’t see the smile until it got pointed out.

I’ll try to fix it.

That shutter-style lighting scheme ruins it

I fixed it