Where to begin with creating bodygroups?

I’m a novice user with 3ds max and was trying to find out how to use bodygroups on hl2 models.
I wanted to start out by using the citizens model and creating bodygroups out of him for different clothing and hair, things like that.

I’ve tried looking up tutorials on where to start with this and I can’t seem to find any that are used for this purpose with 3ds Max.

I have decompiled the male01.mdl file from Garry’s Mod’s GCF file and have all these .smd files and I really have no idea where to go from here.

My steam(Teamviewer it up)

you place the hair where it should be, then you rig it to the bone it’s needed to be, which is valvebiped.bip01_head. When it’s done, delete the male01 model but keep the hair and the bones.
Export as a smd name it whatever you like like hair01.smd,etc…

next step should be adding some lines in the QC
for example,

$bodygroup Hair
studio “Hair01.smd”

This can be placed right below the faceposing flexes lines
Blank being a bodygroup having nothing so it’s just shows up all normal.

Have this rather messy QC i have for some refference: http://pastebin.com/fjs7agiH

Not right below the faceposing lines. You want it generally outside of the whole $model segment.

$model {
flexfile … {
And only then should you put the $bodygroups.

Hmm, okay.
Justin was nice enough to add me on steam though and give me a teamviewer demonstration on how to do this, took roughly 1 hour but I completely understand how to do it now.
I’m glad someone in the model section of facepunch was generous enough to spend that much time to help one person.