Where to buy server hosting?

I’m currently looking into paying for a dedicated server, that’s easy to use and cheap. Do you guys have suggestions at where i should start looking for cheap hosting?

I use plugpayay, I find them cheap and very good.

I’m going with Exodus hosting, so cheap, and the support is extremely friendly.

Might be worth checking out.

I hear Xenon Servers is doing well.

the internet


Very affordable.

I hear you’re fucking wrong.

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On topic: I hear people like Limestone.

I don’t think there is a better place online to find a collection of offers and adverts for Dedicated/VPS server hosting.

You get some amazing offers there along with some honest reviews if you know how to use a forum search tool.

Limestone is where its at.

Yeah, actually if I remember correctly ExiledServers is on Limestone and so is just about anything from Banana Lord - and that’s more than game servers. Sites and all.

Cheap hosting != good hosting

Most of the times you get what you pay for.

Very rarely would you have the bandwidth to host a good server personally, at least in the states.

I host a server from my house occasionally and if people are close enough they get a decent ping. Otherwise I use it mostly for friends, and I can’t have more than 4 or 5 people at a time.

Yes, But most likely the OP is wishing to have a server for a gamemode thats at least 12-16 slots. But usually your connection is fine if you just wanna get together with friends, but for that I would just do a LAN.

[Copy pasted from another post]
I’ll host a Dallas based server for 50c a slot with no base price. Very solid company, NFOservers.com
Great stats, very stable, FastDL, Mysql databases, 24/7 support, autoinstallers, full control, Everything you’d ever need for any gmod server. I can only host about four servers for clients, so hurry up if you want a good deal.
This is hosted off of my own bought VPS from this company, And im barely using any of it. I just need enough clients/income to cover 53$ a month, So 50c a slot is reasonable for me.

34 slots = 17$ /mo
64 slots = 32$ / mo

Here’s some of the servers im hosting on it, Just so you can check out how stable they are / pings and such:
(These are servers from my own community)

Contact me if you’re interested. I need to make some money off of the extra space in my VPS =p
(This offer really goes for anyone who wants a very good, very cheap server. Hurry up and buy before others do!)