Where to download/buy perp?

sorry if this is posted in the wrong section, i am new here :stuck_out_tongue:

so i want to have perp on my gmod server but i cant seem to find out where to download it. after i used 2 hours of searching on google and found notthing that seems legit then i gave up, and wrote this post :slight_smile: if perp is a mod where you have to buy it, then i would prefer to buy it… i do not want to stell the work a person have made… if it is a free mod. can anyone give me a download link to the newest version? thanks for taking your time to read this :slight_smile: have a nice day

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Check out the releases on DramaUnlimited. They’ve got all the gmod gamemodes there for download.

Don’t take any offence, but if you’re talking like that hosting a PERP will most likely not be a good idea. And, PERP is a stolen gamemode, even though other people use it, doesn’t mean you should just download it and use it.

You can get it at places for free, but it requires a certain amount of skill to setup. Also keep in mind there aren’t tutorials like there are for DarkRP. You’ll have to do everything yourself.

I do remember one guy putting up a guide how to set it up, if you can find it.

As for Cyber, the original developer gave it to some communities and doesn’t care about the gamemode anymore, I don’t remember, but I think he went to military school or some stuff.

It’ll be broken next month.

Meh, PERP needs tons of players, I highly doubt that you could set up that kind of community.

i know a guy who is fixing it for gmod 13 :slight_smile: what i want is a server with a modifyed version of perp :slight_smile: i want to create a new server with something new and not just the old shitty perp :slight_smile: but thanks all for taking the time to replay

Your best bet is contacting a PERP server owner. They will usually give it to you…if you have about 500 bucks ready to blow, which most of us have not.

That is your safest way of getting it. But as I said it takes skill, plus, for PERP to be fun, you need at least 8 people on the server at all times, to mainain a minimum (not optimal, just minimum) standard of play.

If you intend on doing this, you have to be serious about it.

what the fuck

dramaunlimited has all of them for free

do you know someone who has actually paid 500 for a god damn perp script

No, but Prototype (early nexus/openaura) was 300 bucks or so.

This doesn’t even happen in the beta.

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Yeah, it has, but it will be outdated in a month and would need recoding.
Of course, 500 bucks is something that most us simple proletarians cannot afford.

He asked for a functional PERP script and that’s pretty much the only way to get the GMod 13 one (yes, it has been ported).

I do believe that the “Phoenix” or “VG” communities sell it for 500 bucks. Some people actually bought it.

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Don’t let these people rip you off. Everything you need: http://dramaunlimited.org/

File on drama are backdor (not working and a lots of fail)

Every PERP script needs recoding.

There are hundreds of exploits that are missed by most of the current running servers. Your best bet if you absolutely must run one is find a friend who is good at coding to fix up the base script, then add your own shit to it to make it “stand out” from the giant see of shitty PERP servers.

But like I said, it’s not going to work with Gmod 13, but someone will remake it eventually (or already has/is working on it).