Where to download Garry's Mod SDK?

I want to make weapons, skins, maps, etc. for Garry’s Mod but I don’t find the SDK. Does Garry’s Mod have SDK and if not how to make weapons, skins, maps, etc.?

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Note: I tried SourceSDK, but the only game available is Team Fortess 2 what I don’t have…

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One more note: I don’t have Half-Life…

there’s no Garry’s Mod-specific Source SDK, but there are tools like a model compiler (StudioMDL) and the Hammer (map) editor that are distributed with Garry’s Mod.
they could work with the Source SDK.

these tools that I just mentioned can be found in the “steamapps/common/GarrysMod/bin/” folder.

As mentioned above all necessary tools to make and compile maps, compile models are shipped with every GMod copy.

There are plenty tutorials on the internet about using these tools, tutorials for half-life 2 and team fortress 2 are applicable to Garry’s Mod as well

Thanks, but what is the program for the weapons and skins?

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oops, I didn’t check the last post. Thanks to everyone who answered to my question :slight_smile: