Where to download PERP?

You know that PERP gamemode used on the Pulsar Effect servers? Well where can I download it? You know, so I can run my own server with it. If anyone has a link I would greatly appreciate it!

PERP is a custom Gamemode. You cant download it unless you get the leaked version which is bad. D: go use CakeScript or something.

Is there a leaked version?

I heard there is. It won’t work unless you have an IQ greater than 90 though. Would need a lot of work to set it up.

There was, but if I remember rightly it got molested to crap by the guy who leaked it trying to make it run without having to do a asston of setup.

Plus if you do run it, you get auto-perma’d from PE servers.

It won’t be auto. Only if they find out.

http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=771785 Is actually the thread talking about that. It got closed. Perhaps that’s why I couldn’t download it (or I’m an idiot) because I would have if I could have.