Where to download Propper 0.2 from?

In the original thread there is no link for the 0.2, only 0.21 and 0.22 so where can I download 0.2?

why would you want an older version in the first place? The only way you are likely going to get it is if someone has it and is willing to put it up on mediafire for you…

0.22 is pretty much exactly the same, except better and can handle displacements.

It says I need 0.2 because it has the frefabs or something, I don’t know :confused:

Ah, yer.

In Propper 0.22 (or 2.2, whatever) the entities you need are actually under the list of entities.

Previously (I don’t know why) they were only available in a prefab.


So you can use 0.22.