Where to extract Source 2007/Models/Materials/Sound/ Binaries

Okay so i want to get animations working for my server. I got the GFC extracter. But i need to know where i should put the Source 2007 files in my server folder. Should i Source 2007 models in HLServer/orangebox/garrysmod/models? Or should i put them in a different folder?

You don’t need to extract them.
Change install config to download any extra games you want on the server.

But im using TacoScript2 and it says i need to extract them to get the animations to work

It sounds to me like an illegal copy that you’re trying to install…

There are only leaked/stolen/whatever versions of TS2, carbint.

IIRC CatScript requried you to extract the GCFs on dedicated servers, too.

put them in the garrysmod/garrysmod folder.

I think