Where to find it?

I downloaded Weather mod (search tornado, it’s the first to pop up), and I put it in my addons folder, where do I enable it? I went to the flatgrass, and wanted to make a place for my tornado there.


People I admit I’m stupid. Just help me. (Ok, I’m not stupid, but I seriously don’t know.)

Look through your tabs at the top of the screen (entities tab, etc.)
Other than that I don’t know, as I never downloaded that addon.

Also you should change your avatar to something other than a dog butthole.

well i downloaded a gm_flatgrass tornado its pretty cool cant say its really cool but its ok heres a link
http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=58710 you should try it i tricked an antlion gaurd to spin around but npc`s just spin a few times and fall out so yeah im going to shut up now ok.