Where to find prop model links?

this is for a prop hunt server, there are props that work weirdly with the game, and I want to find out the link so I can ban the prop.
ie “models/props/cs_office/tv_plasma.mdl” is what i mean by “link”

Right click on the prop’s SpawnIcon in the Spawn menu and select “Copy”

Or if you can’t find it in the spawn menu, you could write a quick one-liner to get the model of the entity from the local player’s eye trace

Something like this should work:

concommand.Add( "getmodel",
		local ent = LocalPlayer():GetEyeTrace().Entity
		if IsValid( ent ) then
			SetClipboardText( ent:GetModel() )

where should I add that defcon1?

Aaand of course this is going to turn into a 20 comment chain about “what do I do with this, where do I put it, help, help, help, help IT DIDNT WORK help hlep help help what do I do help help”

I don’t recommend you post much (at all) in this area if you don’t know coding, everybody here expects you to. :yarr:


No it’s clientside ( LocalPlayer() ) so in lua/autorun/client/filename.lua

And then you restart your server, connect to it, spawn a prop, look at it and type “getmodel” in your client console, or you can bind a key to it ( bind “<key>” “getmodel” ), the model name will be copied to clipboard, you will just have to paste it wherever you want :slight_smile:

And what about creating a new thread each question that do you have when you can post your simple question inside the megathread…
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And when I do that the next reply is almost always a question that takes the attention for at least 1-2 pages and I have to quote my original post about it and then get rated dumb 20+ times before someone finds a solution

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