Where to find the vtf's?

where can i find the vtfs for garrys mod. Specificaly the phys gun and citizen skins. ive looked everywhere including the hl2 flies

Download a program called GCFScape. Then go to "C:\program files\steam\steamapps and open a GCF file called “source materials”. You can find them there and then you can export them.

thanks. so if i edit the textures how do i put them back and use them in the game?

You just need to check the paths to the materials from the GCF and replicate them to your Gmod’s material folder. This will override the original materials, but if you delete your selfmade materials, the originals from the GCF would replace them.

wow thats pretty awesome! thanks alot.

No problem. You’re lucky to find me in a happy mood, tough.