Where to get a beta key ?

Ive been looking for someone to give me a beta key/ spamming numbers in the register for hrs. Is their going to be a key giveaway/Invite ?

Take a look around for more than 30 seconds (hint: scroll down) and you’ll see that everyone else is looking for a key, too.
There’s no surefire way to get one right now. They’re not being sold, they’re not inviting anyone, and these topics aren’t helping your chances.

Maybe you’ll have a small chance if you buy Gold Member from the upgrades section. In the Gold Member’s Forum, there’s a thread where Garry gives away keys once every few weeks, but they’re usually gone in an hour.

In you heart.

[sp]And by that I mean literally, strip your heart out and search for a code there[/sp]

Wtf, did you read anything in the forum before posting?