Where to get spacebuild 2?

Before you start trolling, i know this question must be asked about 100x + times before, but I will ask it again.

Where do i get spacebuild 2? I know i had it a long time before, and i want to play it again…I must be google-ing it wrong, but i can’t find anywhere where to install it :frowning:

Any help? Please? Pretty please?

You would be better off getting Spacebuild 3, which you can find here: http://archive.snakesvx.net/index.php/module_Wiki2/title_Help_Info_SVN

If you prefer Spacebuild 2, I can’t help you there as I don’t know where a reliable download link for it would be. As long as you know how to operate an SVN client (Tortoise SVN is a good choice), Spacebuild 3 is a much better option than 2.

Hope this helps.