Where to get started with a VIP script?

I am going to be starting a Fretta Server and am needing a VIP script to pay for the server. Where would I find one?
Any suggestions?

VIP Script… Like when someone sends you a paypal transaction of say $10 they recieve VIP?

Yes That is exactly what i am looking for. But where can I make it able to give them certain features?
Where do I find something like that?

First of all, get an admin mod like ulx and add VIP as a rank… idk bout the other thing

How would i setup a custom player list that shows images beside them with vip owner and admin?
also in chat

Don’t create a VIP script if this is your first time coding Lua. Do something simple first, and you’ll learn.

He’s not trying to learn Lua, he is asking what he should look up to get this “VIP Script” he wants. And I assume it requires some C++ or HTML or something because from what he’s describing, you have to check if you recieve a transaction through Paypal. Then you would have to match paypal accounts from what someone provides the server with the paypal transaction sender account.

Something like that atleast. I’m listening to music while typing this up so I may have messed something up because all humans aren’t able to fully multi-task… (No matter what you say you can’t fully concentrate on both things at once.)

Okay, I’ll try and explain this as best as I can for you.

  1. Find a php script that allows the detection of paypal transactions.
  2. Add a paypal donation link, link it to the PHP script.
  3. Make sure the PHP script can send MySQL Database commands, or RCON.
  4. Based on MySQL, you can call the MySQL query, see if the player has donated, then add his perks OnPlayerJoin…
  5. Based on RCON, you can send it RCON commands to add the Perks.\

Edit: Either way, you’re gonna have to know some General LUA and PHP syntax.

Mikey was the closest one, InfernalCookie was completely wrong.

  1. Make a paypal link meant specifically for donating to your DarkRP server( I assume it’s DarkRP )
  2. Make a PHP script to check and see if your paypal has received the money.
  3. Set up a input for them to put in their SteamID.
  4. Send a MySQL query with their SteamID to a special table for VIP uses.
  5. hook into PlayerInitialSpawn, and send a MySQL query to see if his SteamID is in the database, if it is grant privileges, else, revoke(if he has them), and don’t grant them.

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I wrote my reply which is 100% correct, while jamming to tech n9ne, so again you are wrong.

Alright well cool. I don’t know much about doing that anyways so Idc that I was wrong. But no I’m not wrong about the multi-tasking shit. Scientists have proved that you cannot fully concentrate on two things at once, because the only way to fully concentrate is to concentrate on ONE thing. You can’t “fully” concentrate on two things, that’s like concentrating 200%. So you were either coming up with B.S. or you were ignoring one of the two things which was at hand.

Thank you everyone for your answers.
And to clarify the multitasking thing

Now you might say Wikipedia is made up of fake info so here you go

Anybody who says wikipedia is made of fake info or “editable” is a total retard, it’s a myth, when you make an edit it goes into a pool of answers and the most reliable is chosen. Also, I can multitask just fine, I mean, I code while listening to music and rarely get syntax errors, so what’s that say?

Dosent everyone?

Alright w.e. Keep thinking you know everything, even if scientists that are being paid to prove it, has proved it wrong.

InfernalCookie, Making things more serious and blowing things out of proportion in a coding thread isn’t helping you escape your fortress of boxes.

Neither are his crap coding suggestions.