Where to get these skins?

Sorry to anoy you with shitty threads like this but…

I need them for a posing!
I need the Scythe and the Clown mask.
Posing is not by me its by Karimatrix I just like the skins so can anybody help me?

Thx The Combine!

Did you try pming karimatrix?

No >_> but i dont think he will still know where he get those models.

Some of those are from a Fallout 3 model pack on Garrysmod.org. The others are from Left4Dead. The scythe I can’t help you with, and the character skins are probably personal.

I have all the links. I’ll get them right now.


I can’t find the clown mask, I’ll upload it myself. I’m pretty sure it was ported by EvilZombi.


Scythe’s in there. By Dav0r :dance: