Where to hire a mapper for a Resident Evil DarkRP server? Easy job for lots of money.

Hey there, I’m going to run a Resident Evil DarkRP server by tommorrow, and I’m searching for a mapper on Face Punch or another reliable website. Where can I find one? Also, the map is relatively easy and I’m paying $150 for it, $175 if they get it done within a week. Here’s the description:

I’m looking for someone to create add-ons for rp_urban_necro_v3b. Here’s a brief job description:

1.) Someone capable of lightening the map, it’s too dark and hard to see player models. However, not too light that it loses it’s survival horror aspect.

2.) The RPD Police Department with four accessible rooms.

3.) Resident Evil-ifying the map; creating Umbrella Corporation posters, billboards, some Resident Evil props, etc.

4.) A spawn zone.

Here: http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1269027

Lua Scripter Hire/Recruitment Thread V4 / Since Coderhire closed.”


I know a mapper who should be able to do that, he done a map for my community and it was amazing.

Drop me a PM if you have not found one and il give you his details :slight_smile:

Indeed, there.


I am a mapper and I believe I could accomplish this. One thing that is a bit of a hassle for me is finding time but I can get it done.

Also, are you looking at hiring a mapper for your community because I may be interested in that.


asks for mapper, forwards to lua scripter