Where to hire a mapper for a Resident Evil DarkRP server?

Hey there, I’m going to run a Resident Evil DarkRP server by tommorrow, and I’m searching for a mapper on Face Punch or another reliable website. Where can I find one? Also, the map is relatively easy and I’m paying $150 for it, $175 if they get it done within a week. Here’s the description:

I’m looking for someone to create add-ons for rp_urban_necro_v3b. Here’s a brief job description:

1.) Someone capable of lightening the map, it’s too dark and hard to see player models. However, not too light that it loses it’s survival horror aspect.

2.) The RPD Police Department with four accessible rooms.

3.) Resident Evil-ifying the map; creating Umbrella Corporation posters, billboards, some Resident Evil props, etc.

4.) A spawn zone.

What are you doing in Developer Discussion? That doesn’t go there!

Sorry, I’m really searching for some help. :slight_smile:

no respectable mapper will do a map edit without the permission from the original author, even less a decompile then add stuff job.

If you get the permission of the author and the original .vmf-file, you might have a chance of finding someone…

Kruma might :slight_smile:

I could do this if you can get the original author’s permission, I’ll only take $100~ though as I don’t wanna charge you through the nose.

I’ll also need to see how much crap is already in the map and see if there’s actually room for all the stuff you’re requesting.

i’d do it for $90 :v:

Why do people charge so much for maps? I would do this for $10 but I already am working on a ton of other stuff and my computer is semi broken. Don’t let anyone rip u off to much.

It depends on how much of a good mapper the person is and how committed he/she would be.

The only thing that would make it cost a bit is the props and billboards. The police station and lighting are pretty easy

I would never take money for a map edit as simple as this. I’d do this for free if I had the .vmf and the original author’s permission.

Here’s the math equation:
(Hours Spent Mapping) x (Minimum Wage) = (Total Price)

Unless you just do things for fun, most people would like to at least make some living money for the time they spent or wasted on making a map. For example, I could spend time by doing odd jobs, and make $10-$15 for package running, or I could map.

I second this guy. It takes time to make or edit maps to decent quality standards. Plus some people who do mapping/modeling are looking for pay jobs because they’re unemployed (Like me for example).

LUA is priceless
For everything else there’s paypal :v: