Where to Install LUA

Alright I want to learn to programm and decided to start off with LUA but I don’t know how to install it. I have read everything from the INSTALL file and I am just confused. I have tried google but my question still reamins. I run Windows Vista and I have already downloaded it I am just wondering were to put it

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You don’t install Lua, it’s a scripting language already implemented into Garry’s Mod. It’ll work without you having to do anything else than write a few lines of code and making sure Garry’s Mod knows where to find it.

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Go there to learn all about it :slight_smile: And welcome to the scripting scene.

Alright thank you very much and hopefully I can come up with something useful

Actually you CAN install Lua :

With this you can create and execute lua scripts, but it won’t be of any use to you when dealing with Garry’s Mod lua scripting. :smile:

Not idiotic at all. I’m actually trying to implement a pure variant of Lua within the Lua: Source project. Enjoy your time here, and have fun with your programming experience. :v:

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