Where to learn lua?

I know there’s loads of threads on learning lua, but they seem to be all old. Please don’t say cosmic seagull. I know some basic lua code from the wiki, also if your going to suggest looking at someone’s script and making minor changes could you maybe link me some simple script that are in date? If you could then I would really appreciate that! :slight_smile:

So what are the best ways for learning lua?

I know JavaScript by the way.

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First, look at stuff on

and anything else you want on the wiki, then when you’re going to use what you’ve learned, compare all the functions, methods, etc. with

which doesn’t have as much documentation as the old one but is up to date.

The first link is outdated, :stuck_out_tongue:

Hence the reason why I linked the second link

I really wish Garry would add back the Bad Reading rating

I know what you mean, but it just seems abit pointless. Do you know lua?

I’m learning as I go, yes.
But really the old wiki is where all the documentation is at, you’re not going to find much anywhere else

I understand, do you know any other languages? If so what ones? Would it help if I learn a different language first?

Well they do have a condensed guide for Python and C users

Just stop evolving around the real issue here. You seem unwilling. There is plenty of up-to-date addons in the release section? Why do you expect us to hit google and dig them up for you? If you want to learn LUA, make a listen server and start coding random shit. Do this for a good week or so, depending on your learning rate, and you will be fine. If youre not prepared to spend some late nights at it, you may as well just not even bother. And no. Learning other languages wont help.