Where to learn more?

Okay so I just want to say a huge thank you to all of the people who have helped me out and the ones who are just there that make me laugh, Its a great community that I am happy to be part of, So here is a lovely heart, Will you all be my valentine?

Anyway, I have been doing lua for a while a came away from the bad little tutorials on youtube a long time ago, I use the wiki for almost everything I don’t understand, Otherwise I use the forum, Which is what Im doing now. I See some people code and I see some stuff in there like function or keywords that I have never seen before, These seem like standard lua function and i’m wondering where I can go to learn all the little hidden function that someone like me wont just find on the wiki(because i don’t know its there i’m not gonna look for it). Should I invest in a book, If so what one or do you guys have some super nice links you willing to share. Thanks :smiley: <3


how cool would that be…

a gLua book… I would definatley buy it

Thanks, I will be taking a look at this right now <3

I would buy it, Twice…