Where to now, Mr. Clown?

Never again will I work with these, they are not even rigged. Mabey one or two limbs and that’s it.



I just noticed the finger. . .



:3: sorry, lolz3

No, I ment that the arms and legs are not divided into three limbs, just two. The arm and hand are together.

Then you should’ve put “The bones and joints are messed up…” then explain your problem.

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Sorry, for ranting at you. I get a bit pissed when someone makes out they understand something they don’t.

Sorry, lolz3 :3:

I have no idea what’s going on.


What do you mean “virus scanner”

-snip- That’s a guy.

Sounds to me like he has a trojan on his computer.

It was that “Your PC has report suspcious activitity, now scanning.” Even if you exit it out it still pops up. And then the “AV8” program will pop up and pretend to scan, it is obviously a virus lol.

I think I hit an ad or something, I never have pop-ups. AVG isn’t detecting anything on the other hand.

wtf you on about. it’s imageshack.

I know, I must of hit an ad or some shit like I said. I only have 2 tabs open, Facepunch and youtube, and when I opened the imageshack link I got a stupid pop up.

Imageshack is a piece of shit, don’t use it (or if you do at least have the common courtesy to use direct links only)

I wish I were that stoned…that must be funny

You have a virus on your computer, happened to me once and AVG didn’t detect shit.