Where to place the stuff in pointshop 2?

So I recentlly bought pointshop 2 for garry’s mod TTT and I have made some hats and playermodels that are ready to be added, but wich file should I place the playermodels, hats, etc…

The pointshop 2 folder dont have any readme who explains this. So I’m looking for some nice guy who i kind enough to give some of his time to just answer this short question.

Thank you :slight_smile:

  • Judas

In Poinshop2, Kamshak added a great way to add custom hats/playermodels in-game, you don’t actually need to edit any files.

Take a look here for how to do it: http://pointshop2.kamshak.com/en/latest/items.html#adding-custom-playermodels