Where to put addons, more than simple problem

Due to step parents being idiots i needed to save steam somwhere other than program files. Now i have it on external hard drive andi need to know where the addons folder is because I CANT FIND THE THING. Thanks if you can help me with this problem!

Also starting up steam is now much harder than just clicking on the icon and sometimes it just doesent work. It updates for no real reson and gets to 27% crashes and says “ERROR unable to open steamTMP for writing” what is that supposed to mean?

Steam > Steamapps > your user name > Garrysmod > Garrysmod > Addons

theres my problem i cant find my user name ANYWHERE and i dont know why

Strange. Where are your games then?

Steam>steam>games>(my games)

Sounds like you’ve pirated it to me. it should be steam->steamapps

no i downloaded it from the site onto my external hard drive

From the site?

What site?

Yup, that’s pretty much confirmed he pirated it.

Unless you haven’t updated in FOR FUCKING EVER, that directory tree is wrong.

And if it’s updating and failing, you haven’t updated in FOR FUCKING EVER because you don’t have the file permissions to write to your external HD.

Are you an administrator on your computer?

Or maybe when he said he downloaded it from the site and hence pirated it, that’s why the tree is wrong :slight_smile:

“The site” could mean any site, including steampowered.com

Can you play any of the games?
There’s no way Steam will let them run if they’re not in the right folder, unless they ARE pirated.

Which requires Steam to download. If he’d got it off steam legit he’d have said steam.