Where to put content locally on a testing server

I’m currently attempting to learn Lua using a server running from my own PC for my own use. The problem is, that any content (models textures etc), isn’t on any fastdl and won’t automatically get sent to the client (which is also me)…

So when I say use

CLASS.PlayerModel = “models\model.mdl”

I get an error telling me that model.mdl is missing.

Now, in the srcds folders, model.mdl is stored as [gamemode]\content\models\model.mdl, which I think would work fine if FastlDL was set up.

But where should I put model.mdl in my garrysmod\garrysmod folders?

I’ve tried in the garrysmod\garrysmod\models folder and I’ve also created a garrysmod\garrysmod\gamemodes[gamemode]\content\models anbd tried that. Neither seem to work.

Help would be greatly appreciated… :s

The model never gets downloaded unless you add it with:

And yes, I’m fairly sure you need the model in the garrysmod directory, and not gamemode content, like:

Okay that fixed it. Thanks :slight_smile: