Where to start ?

hi i have palyed gmod for ages now and really enjoy it, and i really like the rp servers and i always wanted to try to make my own rp mod, so here is my question where do you start, like i downloade skeleton but i simple dont know where to start hope some one can guide me on how to get started :slight_smile:

I would download http://www.treesoft.dk/gmod/gmad/ and extract the gamemode files you want to check out to the appropriate directory, then start fiddling with the different settings. That’s how I learned. Also, reading every post in this specific forum has helped me a lot. Every if you don’t understand what is happening, read it and try to understand.

While this is the method i used myself, I don’t really reccomend it unless you have a strong coding background. This is because if you haven’t, a lot of people have very messy code, which means that when you write yours it will be sloppy.

By looking at your accolades buu342, I think that you are a pretty knowledgeable lua programmer so following in your footsteps would be very advisable. :slight_smile:

Sort of.
According to my brother, my code makes his eyes want to turn inside out and vomit blood. And i kinda have to agree with him, as I am so lazy that i barely indent, only when i really have to.

However, if you think that method works for you, go ahead!

ok i will try ty for the help :slight_smile: