Where to submit ideas?

C’MON SON DEVS, I’m a former infantryman and this game is bananas. I love the combat feel and the full loot concept. I used to play Asherons Call back in the day and that shit was pretty brutal.

My ideas for the devs are as follows.

In the game Red Orchestra 2. When you are firing you can lean your barrel on edges of a building, or on window sills. This increases your accuracy and decreases your recoil.

Tripods and bipod for the SAW

I WANT MORTARS AND CAMO NETTING!!! What do snipers love? Pissing themselves and camo and guille suits.

When i was deployed we took sledge hammers to walls to make firing positions. If there was a tool you could use while you had building privilege to knock out small holes in walls that would be pretty sick.

PRO TIP. When scanning for targets it is more effective to scan from right to left as our brains are programmed to read from left to right, if you scan for targets from left to right you are more likely to overlook an oddity. This doesnt apply to arabic readers.


if you try to post some serious Suggestions you should present them seriously and not like Straight Outta Compton Homeboy.

Mortars are announced, The sledgehammer idea sounds interesting.

Some people like to add personality to their writing. I’m very well written, to the point where my English teachers always french me. I feel for you son, the hate is strong within you. I love how many closet superior complex racist are on the internet. Your one sentence shows so much about your shitty personality.

Speaking of camo, there is a skin on the rust store for a full camo/ guille-like clothing reskin. As for pissing yourself, your on your own.

Damn, was hoping for a piss party…Which skin? is it armored like the Hoodie and pants or is it just a t-shirt type deal? I bought a couple skins, mainly things that are tactical and provide armor though.

Here’s a start, https://steamcommunity.com/market/listings/252490/Forest%20Camo%20Pants
Just browse the steam market for “Accepted ingame”