Where two knights stand...

Decided to make a scenebuild. I didn’t like the original idea, and personally I think the secondary picture I made from it looked better. Soooo:


Bonus: (scrapped the original, decided to replace it with a different angle.)


Personally I didn’t like my original idea because the angles seemed awkward and the scenebuild seemed too cluttered to me.
**EDIT, replacing bonus with a second angle, adding original concept to the bottom of the thread.


First one looks best in my opinion. Great stuff!

thanks, i’m always trying to improve, especially with lighting/positioning

you had a really good setup for some very interesting lighting with the pinkish sky, but the blue and orange doesn’t really fit with it. i would’ve swapped the orange for a rusted pink/rose sort of tone instead, then you could’ve also moved the light pink blossoms more into the frame and had a more consistent color scheme going on.

alright, noted
might edit that and replace it with a pic in this post tomorrow if i’m not too cluttered timewise

so if one dies it’s going to be a one knight stand?