Where would the best place to find somebody to host a server?

Im looking for somebody to host a server, since im a poor ass bastard I can’t use any server-hosting sites. So therfore im looking for somebody to do it for free, give them co-owner or something. Is there any communities which would have somebody who would do that? Or maybe even here?


Is there anybody here who could host for me?

Uhhh, I know an old community, They might help you out. Don’t mention my name though.


For hosting I swear by xenon, they’re really pretty cheep, if you go for an anual payment plan. Check it out before you decide to rely on someone else

Yeah I think if someone is going to host you a server your going to be a rank below them. Maybe even down to admin.

Hey oppy, why are you trying to sell slacker’s servers?

You always leave SG and then Rejoin, I also remember when someone else left and renamed all the servers, TNQ has hissy fits too, DO NOT BUY A SERVER FROM SLACKERS GAMING !! they are not nice people or mature people (at all).

I know this from previous experiences :bahgawd:


I would go with an actual company and not a bunch of unstable youths, Go with Xenon servers or with UKGame.



I’m trying to help the OP.
He’s looking to obtain a FREE server, SlackersGaming had some sort of sponsership shit, I don’t affiliate with them, but if it helps the OP, so be it.

But it won’t help, and it won’t be free. I remember when you or Ninja left SG and Renamed all the servers, SG is not to be trusted with people’s money.

But it is free, it’ll be a start.

Its not free xD