Where would the best place to learn Hammer be?

I’ve recently started getting into mapping with hammer, and at the moment I’ve been using the valve wiki to find out how to map, are there any other tutorials that will be better? Can you guys tell me how you learnt hammer? Thank you!

http://www.interlopers.net/tutorials/ http://worldofleveldesign.com/ http://www.tophattwaffle.com/tutorials/
thats just a few sites, also even thou the tutorial might not be for the game you are making a level for it can some times be transfered over to that game also take a loock at the sourcesdk_content for examples if you ave downloaded the sdk’s Steam\steamapps\common\sourcesdk_content

years of practice and shitposting in the mapping section worked for me


TopHattwaffles a good youtuber to watch for tutorials. 3kliksphillip usually does quick 5 min tutorials. Tophattwaffle does in depth tutorials.

I learned alot of my mapping skills from decompiling the really high quality maps out there and just seeing how that mapper did that thing by running the vmf of that map in hammer. (Though decompiling is never 100% accurate to the original vmf)

Worth the mention though, don’t decompile maps and use what they made in your map without consent from the creator, it’s stealing in my eyes.

And if you want to know how to be able to run a map in hammer from workshop. Use Gmad Extractor to get the workshop GMA file to BSP. Then use Vmex to get bsp to vmf.

Just two words of advice.