Where would you purchase a dedicated server from? [EUROPE]

I was looking into purchasing a dedicated server somewhere in Europe but weirdly couldn’t find any that were decent…

Can anyone recommend a company that have;

Good support hours/response time to tickets
DDoS protection (free or charge)
Decent servers

Any recommendations will be great!

P.S - there was a previous thread on a similar topic but was slated into some flame thread.

NFO just set up a host in Frankfurt :v:
Daemon has some good reviews as well however their only DDos protected host they have is in France.

OVH, if you’re looking for a dedicated server and are able to function without a web admin panel. (Which most people who want to host multiple servers really should be)

I personally wouldn’t recommend hosting in Frankfurt unless you live in Germany, or any other place outside of where you wish for your target playerbase to be. This is because of the *issue *with the Master Server List as mentioned here: http://steamcommunity.com/discussions/forum/10/558754259852724734/

I would recommend NFO’s Frankfurt location if that’s the location you wish to go for. I’m not sure where OVH is based specifically, but I hear a lot of good things about their DDoS Protection.

Using OVH (SoYouStart) at the moment, ddos protection takes like 30 secs to kick in, but works perfectly when it does.
Servers are cheap.
Support is absolutely horrendous.

If you don’t need support, it’s pretty decent.

I suggest Neon-Networks, they have great Servers and you are allowed to add the owner and technical staff on steam if you ever need help. There is free DDoS Protection and extremely powerful servers.

You can use code: welovepie to get 10% off!

Anyone but OVH. If your hardware goes wrong and you’re not on one of their business tier plans, expect to lose data and / or uptime when they start tinkering with their stuff again.

At least they’ve stopped configuring their Firewall for now, but when they start up again, dear lord :v:

Yeah when a server fails, it generally isn’t up anymore and when a hard drive failes, you genrally lose the data that’s on it.
You should always keep backups of that kind of stuff anyway and hardware failure isn’t something you can control (as long as your data center doesn’t run at 150 degrees).

My point is it may not be the HDD that even fails, but they’ll wipe it anyways.

Yeah, it wasn’t all that much fun when they decided to configure the firewall. It blocked half of my playerbase from ever connecting! :stuck_out_tongue:

At the moment I have this server. I’m happy with the support I’m getting, to be honest. It has really improved for the OVH range of servers.

I researched a lot of the companies that you’ve all listed.

OVH - slow support, hmm… Might not be an issue unless hardware failure.

NFOServers - They recommended me using a Virtual Dedicated Server (shared with other clients) - no thanks.

Neon-Networks - They sell game servers, not dedicated servers

I use Redstation Host for my dedicated machine. They’re not the best servers in specification, but I’ve never had a problem with lag or downtime. Support is excellent and very helpful and the prices are good too.

People say ‘you get what you pay for’ and I know that’s true, so I was a bit nervous going with them, but they have definitely done well. As with all servers, back your stuff up as you never know when a company will disappear.

I pay £80 p/month.

https://my.redstation.com/server/custom-configurator.aspx That’s their configuration.

Redstation do not provide DDoS with ther Dedicated Servers.”

Damn :frowning:

Honestly I’ve never really had an issue with OVH. I used to host a gameserver on one of their SYS servers and it was pretty stable. At the moment I have a slightly more expensive server to suit my needs, but in my opinion it’s worth it.

I was recommended to purchase DDoS protection from prolexic.com - only around $7,500 a year…

Anything with DDoS protection is going to cost a lot. However unless you’re going to be running a big popular server that brings in donations, I’d suggest starting with something like Redstation. They are stable, helpful, well priced and I’ve never had a problem with them. When a community gets bigger and you may have the risk of DDoS or need something bigger, you can always switch to something more expensive.

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By the looks of your previous threads you’re only looking for a small test server? Or are you looking for something bigger. As I said before, unless you’re a large community that is attracting DDoS attacks, there’s no point spending a lot of money on DDoS protection unless you need it.