Where's Barney Game !

Ok i made this about 6 months ago randomly, for abit of fun, it’s really easy, so if you cannot complete the game, there may be something wrong with you ! Sorry for the poor quality, imageshack tuned them down when some biatch hacked their server and replaced all the images -.-, but Have fun.








I lold at the shitty quality.
Have a funny.

Barney is not even trying

BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAADEST Quality of everything ever D:

Oh wow

I lol’d at the last pic.

the second picture is the Eaton Centre in Toronto, is that where you live?

It looks like you didn’t even use Gmod, sadly.

Was he even trying?

man… it’s real easy…

Barney does get around:)

I can’t find barney in the first one heeeeeeeelllllllp


“Look guys I learned to isolate in that funny GIMP thingy!”

But just asmall question, those Barney pictures don’t look posed, but googled. Did you pose them?
If you didn’t pose this owuld be wrong section I think, If you did pose:
Runnin pose is kind of off.

Oh wait:




Don’t get me wrong, I just want to know if those Barneys are posed or just cutouts.

I see Barney:)

Great idea, rofl